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All services can be done virtually!


                                               New offering!

Akashic Record Readings! Look under services for info. I'm so excited to be offering this amazing guidance for you!

Ask me about packaging discount on Reiki sessions!


About Me

My name is Trina Empey, owner of Shine On Reiki. I live in Toledo, Ohio. After my youngest graduated, 

  I felt a huge personal, life changing shift after working with crystals and seeing a medium. I was inspired to expand and grow spiritually. I am now certified as an Usui Reiki Master, Pet Reiki Practitioner, and an Akashic Records Reader. I am so passionate for working as a light worker. My soul's journey has led me here to uplift and empower you with the gift of Reiki healing and more for the highest good of yourself and the Unity Consciousness.


More about me!

Reiki Energy Balancing

Reiki Energy Balancing

Reiki is a safe, alternative health modality to help balance the body's root cause of dis-ease.


Reiki is a natural and non-invasive way to work with physical, emotional, and energetic conditions. It can be used in addition to medical and therapeutic techniques to restore pathways to promote the normal flow of energy.This is a great first step in self care!


We will have a conversation where any questions will be answered. Fully clothed, you will lie on the treatment table with your comfort ensured. Soft relaxing music will be played as well as aromatherapy if you'd like. This is your time to relax and let Reiki go where the intention flows.


I set the intention for your body to draw in the Reiki energy using my hands. I hold my hands in various positions over your body or with a light touch at your chakras or energy centers. I also use ancient symbols from the Usui practice over your body for healing and crystals.I work in silence. You may feel sensations of hot, cold, or tingling and may even fall asleep. When complete, water is offered and we will discuss the session findings.

Click on Services at top to see the list of sessions and pricing. Prepayment required at time of scheduling unless paying with cash. Thank you!

Massage Table


Trina did a long distance Reiki session for my elderly cat with mega colon issues. He’s on medication and diet that is supposed to help him go each day.

Only, he was still averaging every 3-4 days.

Since his session, he’s been going every, to every other day!

Thank you, Trina!        Stephanie M.

Today Trina did Distant Reiki on myself, and my dog that is in need of surgery due to hip dysplasia. Right when she began on my dog, Gus, he got extremely calm. He never gets calm. That was really crazy to me. He’s been super calm since then.

When she did me and explained what partial or full blockages I had, it made a lot of sense. Today has been a long day and I was struggling to understand why or what I was even feeling. She put into words something I never could. And it helped me see what I need to do with my job and my life in general to start to get out of this slump I’ve been in. Thank you so much Trina for dedicating so much of your time to Gus and myself!    

Autumn B.

I had never had a long distance Reiki appointment before and now I am hooked. Trina did an amazing job and will be using her services again!

Melissa B.

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