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How It Started

Remember the jokes that start with 2 friends walk into a bar, well this is 2 women walk into a crystal shop. My daughter and myself went to a crystal shop to check out a medium. As we sat there, I could not stop looking at all of these beautiful crystals. I was mesmerized. The medium actually picked up on my daughter's father coming through for her and I think that was the only time I really paid attention to why we were there. Shopping ensued after and I made a few small crystal purchases but I knew there would be more to come. Once home I immediately started looking for Facebook groups, bought some books, and joined courses. I was hooked and now have a pretty good sized collection. I am officially now a Crystal Wisdom Codes Practitioner along with Reiki Master. It's been a wonderful journey and not only are the crystals beautiful to look at, but to hold and feel their energy is quite amazing!


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