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My Vision Board for 2023

Creating a vision board is a wonderful way to set goals and intentions for yourself to see how you want your future to look. The affirmations in each section are ones I've been mulling over the last few months and finally took the time to put it all together. In the top left are my main intentions and overall affirmation. You want this to be in present tense, as if you already have these amazing things!

In the bottom left, these are visuals of what I am working on now. Doing reiki, aromatherapy, taking care of my sweet fur babies, my "muggle" job, and trying not to kill more plants lol.

The top right are my inspirations and manifestations. I wish to have a successful reiki business, live simply in a smaller home, be with my grandbabies, live in the mountains, and travel in an rv and see the country.

In the bottom right are action steps to achieve my goals. Saving money, working, working with crystals, reiki, and the akashic records, donating and purging to make space, create a garden this spring, and get back to yoga for health.

The middle is special just for me. I love all things moon! As a Cancer, I am ruled by the moon and I definitely feel the phases. Manifest on the New Moon and let go on the Full moon what no longer serves. I was born on a Monday which is also moon day. Seeing the full moon among the stars never ceases to amaze me.

Your board can be for anything you want! I made this on the Canva website but you can certainly go old school with posterboard and magazine cut outs. One certain manifestion, one month long time period, exercise, spirituality, love, and on and on. I hope you feel inspired to create one for yourself! Lots of Love!


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