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Oracle Card Messages

Oracle cards are wonderful to use to get uplifting, positive, and loving messages. There are so many decks that are beautifully illustrated and can consist of up to 74 cards. You can use them whenever you feel like you need guidance, self reflection, motivation, or you are trying to get more in touch with your spiritual side. Manifestation is another way to pull cards for yourself or even just for a daily message.

When you get your deck, there will often be a guidebook that gives detailed meanings of each card. You should look at each card one by one to see what you find intuitively and absorb their energy. Some believe in "knocking" on the deck three times after each use to clear prior energy. An easy question to ask for pulling one card each day is "What do I need to know for today?". Eventually you can learn to do spreads and ask deeper questions for yourself. A 3 card spread for example could be past, present, future, or situation, challenge, outcome. I've seen 12 card spreads that are for each month of the year. When you are ready with your question, shuffle and pull out your cards. If one card falls out when shuffling, it's called a jumper and you should include it as a special message for you.

When shopping for a deck, pick out intuitively just as you would a crystal. Find one where the artwork really speaks to you. I feel that they are truly art! Enjoy using them as part of your spiritual practice.

Pictured decks are Angel Prayers, The Spirit Animal Oracle, Abstract Intentions, Moonology, and Starseeds

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