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''That won't get you to Heaven!"

I recently responded to a posed question on a lesser known social media site where a person asked what would be a good church to go to that was non-denominational and open but not into conspiracy theories. My response was "meditate, practice reiki, and give thanks to God and Earth from home. I don't feel you need to be in a specific building at a designated time to pray, walk outside, God is all around us." Send button clicked and then came that dreaded feeling of someone will have something to say about this one. Sure enough, the first response was "that won't get you to heaven!". Oh boy. Telling people they won't get to heaven won't get you there either! Another," do you believe there are some who will not be in the glory of God's presence?". Yeeks! I just answered a question and so many hide behind social media to spew out whatever they feel like saying. Why do we feel the need to say something about another's journey? I politely responded that I would not discuss the subject on a social platform with a stranger who knows nothing about me but is clearly ready to judge me. I think if we spent more time working on ourselves and less time concerning ourselves with what other people are doing, we and the world would be a much happier place.


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